Affirming care for LGBT2Q+ adults, children, youth and families.
About me

Professional Counselling and Therapy

I have been passionately practicing social work since 2004, and social service work since 2001.

My experience has primarily focused on counselling individuals and families in a variety of mental health and social service settings in Ontario.

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Counselling for Adults, Teens and Children

We can all feel stressed, anxious, or depressed at times. Things can pile up and we can become overwhelmed. Without support our feelings can impact our mood, our relationships, and our performance at work or at school.


LGBT2Q+ Affirmative Therapy

I provide a safe place for LGBT2Q+ individuals and families. ​LGBT2Q+ affirmative therapy is that which holds a positive view of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-Spirited, Queer and other gender identities and sexual orientations.


Frequently Asked Questions

For many people, making the decision to see a therapist comes after some thought and deliberation.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

  • What should I expect on my first appointment?
    The initial appointment involves a detailed assessment to understand you and your particular situation, current problems, background, and your strengths and resources in order to develop an appropriate plan for therapy. Our aim is to help you feel comfortable and safe to talk openly about your concerns.
  • How long are the sessions?
    Sessions are either 50 minutes or 80 minutes long and typically occur once every one or two weeks.
  • How long does therapy last?
    This is a reasonable question and difficult to predict. Research shows that the duration of therapy is variable and can be influenced by the specific therapy interventions used, the strength of the relationship with your therapist, as well as factors specific to you. These other factors may include your goals, personal characteristics, the nature, severity, chronicity, and complexity of the problem(s) you are experiencing, external factors such as what else is happening in your life and available social support, the extent to which you actively engage in therapy both inside and outside of sessions, and how comfortable you are with making changes.

COVID-19 Update

In person sessions remain available with safety precautions in place. Video and phone sessions also available, where suitable.

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